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Estimate how much home you can afford with our affordability calculator. Simply enter your monthly income, expenses and expected interest rate to get your estimate. Adjust the purchase information to see your loan amount, down payment and monthly payment change as well. Once you find the price you can afford, call us or apply with us online.

The mortgage & payment information provided is for purposes of general consumer education only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a qualified mortgage professional. We can not and do not guarantee the accuracy or the applicability of this information to your circumstances.

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Homeownership Education

The course breaks homebuying down into easy-to-grasp lessons that take about 4 to 6 hours to finish.
You’ll complete the lessons online (from your computer, tablet or smart phone), at your convenience.
Once you’re done, download and save your Certificate of Completion (you may need to provide it to your loan officer).

Get prequalified

A pre-qualification is a letter of approval stating you meet basic financial criteria, based most often on the borrower’s word. A pre-approval statement from a lender means the broker has investigated your assets, debt, and credit history to determine whether you can qualify for the loan. Get prequalified online in minutes.

Mortgage FAQ

Northeastern Realty can accelerate the process to helping you find a new home in Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Georgia. We assist with our clients to get the right home and loan needed for your situation. Our team of real estate agents and loan officers are here for you to get you through this important stage of your life. No matter if you are still searching for a home, or if you have already found the home of your dreams, Northeastern Realty can be an asset to you during the home buying process.

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