Since referral agents rely on commission of successful sales by their referred agents, their success depends on generating a significant number of quality referrals. This means marketing their services online and elsewhere in order to create business from clients who are looking for a referral. Being well-connected and visible in the real estate community via a strong network can help with receiving contacts who need referrals.

Another crucial piece of the real estate referral agent job is to know which real estate agents in target markets are available for referrals. A real estate referral agent will want to have a good roster of agents in various, popular real estate markets that they can refer their clients to. The amount of commission that a real estate agent is willing to pay the referral agent can influence which real estate agents a referral agent will refer clients to. Once a client has been referred to an agent, there are typically no other duties for the referral agent. However, a good referral agent will follow up to make sure that the real estate agent to which their client was referred is doing a good job for the client.