Checklist for making your monthly mortgage payment

With your new home comes a new responsibility—making your monthly mortgage payment. You can use this checklist with your monthly mortgage statement to help you stay in control of your mortgage, avoid surprises, and get help when you need it. 1. Understand your...

Smooth And Speedy Moving Process

We’re known for a smooth and speedy closing process. Just sign the paperwork, grab the keys and go! Reach out today to work with us.

Worry Free … Home Shopping Is Now Available

No need to worry about losing out on low rates when you work with Northeastern Realty! Call today to get pre-approved. We’ll secure your rate for up to 90 days while you shop! The best part? If rates drops while you’re shopping, you’ll get the better rate!

Jumbo Loans For Luxury Homes

Loans above the conforming loan limit are known as Jumbo loans. If you have a high credit score and the income to match, a Jumbo loan can help you live large. Jumbo loan limits can vary, but we’ll help you find out exactly how much you can spend. Call today!


Building your dream home? Our fast and simple loan process offers you a lower interest rate, one down payment and one closing. See how simple it can be when you partner with us.

Invest In Yourself

It can be frustrating to see your rental price increase year after year. It's time to pay yourself instead of your landlord. Call us today.

We’re Here For You!

We’ll help every step of the way on your biggest financial decision: purchasing a home. Call us today to get started!


Don’t be in the dark when it comes to your homebuyers’ loan status. With our digital tools, one click grants you full transparency throughout the entire process with real-time loan progress. Let us help you provide elite customer service from start through closing!


Avoid the hassle of meeting an appraiser at your home while saving time and money, too! Find out if you qualify for an appraisal waiver.

No Cash? You Can Still Qualify!

Did you know that you can get a home with 100% gift options? When you work with Northeastern Realty, you have choices. Let us show them to you.


Northeastern Realty can accelerate the process to helping you find a new home in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Utah. We assist with our clients to get the right home and loan needed for your situation. Our team of  real estate agents and loan officers are here for you to get you through this important stage of your life. No matter if you are still searching for a home, or if you have already found the home of your dreams, Northeastern Realty can be an asset to you during the home buying process.

First-Time Home Buyers

We help those who are the process of getting their first home, and answer all the questions they have. Our goal is to help maximize the chance of getting the best loan possible. We answer all questions needed, such as whether or not you will qualify, how long it will take to close, and the process of qualification and approval for a mortgage.

Vacation Home Buyers

Invest in the vacation area of your dreams by purchasing your very own home there! We assist our clients get a vacation home anywhere in the state of Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and get the property you desire with the feature you needs. Call us right away so we can get you where you need to be.

Downsizing Your Home

Over time, many feel the need to downsize to a smaller home to fit their needs. We can help you find and get approved for a smaller home, while putting your larger place on the market.

Real Estate Investments

A residential investment property is one of the best ways to generate additional income and help build equity. We can help get financing for an investment property, and provide guidance on purchasing a property for investment purposes.

Remodeling or Building a New Home

Construction can often require added financing, and a construction loan may be needed. We can guide you through the process of remodeling your home, or constructing a new home on a vacant property of land.

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