Just about every document which needs to be notarized in the paper world can be electronically notarized online using the Notarize platform, with a few exceptions.

Examples of documents that notaries on our platform will not be able to notarize for you include:

  • Self-proving Wills and codicils.
  • Non-Self Proving Wills and codicils to be used in states other than Florida or Nevada.*
  • Testamentary Trusts and any amendments to Trusts, and inter vivos trusts to be used in states other than Florida or Nevada.
  • I-9 Forms.
  • Certified true copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates, or court-issued documents.
  • Documents intended for use outside the United States.
  • Documents in which the notary is named or has a beneficial interest.
  • Documents containing pictures of children.
  • We are also not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies, although we wish you much happiness.

* At this time, We can handle non-self-proving Wills in the states of Florida and Nevada. This means that Wills handled on the Notarize platform will require a witness who can appear in court when the Will is being admitted to probate and testify that they witnessed its execution.

Under both Florida and Nevada law, an eSigned and remotely notarized Will is only self-proving if it’s held by a qualified custodian. We are building the infrastructure to be a qualified custodian, but it’s a service we are unable to provide at this time.

If you’re in Florida or Nevada and want to learn more about providing non-self-serving Wills, you can request a callback from our Sales team.